Things to Consider when Acquiring Real Estate in Long Island

Real Estate / May 28, 2015

Real estate in Long Island is among the most expensive in the United States, and for good reason. Its two counties Nassau and Suffolk are the leading income-generating areas not just in New York but in the whole country. In fact, according to a US Census Bureau survey conducted in 2008, Nassau ranked 10th and Suffolk ranked 25th among American counties with the highest median household incomes. Nassau particularly has the third highest per capita income in New York State. Over the years, prices may have shot up or declined but this place has a long line of great houses coming from old and new money. It is a place of residence that is trying to sell incredible properties but more importantly a lifestyle that is fit for royalty.

Real Estate Long IslandWhether one is new or already familiar in buying real estate in Long Island, there are indeed many things to think about before any acquisition. First off, it is important to be able to zero in on the budget in terms of the price before one sets out to look for a piece of property. This makes the pursuit a little more convenient. Real estate in Long Island will take a huge bite out of one’s income and the budget will determine how much one will have to loan from the bank. Better yet, the budget can also rely on the amount of a pre-approved loan to make it more practical. One should also make sure to consider other costs in the budget including homeowners insurance, property insurance, and closing costs.

Research is the key in making sure that the investment is indeed worth its price. One of the means of research is by attending as much open houses in the area as possible. The more properties one sees, the better-equipped one is in making a sound decision. It is also important to be aware of the market values of the properties both past and current.

Another aspect that prospective home buyers must be aware of is the cycles of real estate and how they are predicted. One should know that these cycles are long and thus should determine a buyer’s decision to purchase a property for long- or short-term periods before selling it out. More often than not, if the real estate market is in the slump and the prospective buyer is not looking to sell the property in the next few years, then he or she can still look forward to profit once the cycle turns and the property can get back its great value.

Lastly, as part of research before buying real estate in Long Island, make sure to know as much as possible about the neighborhood and its residents to have that assurance of safety and security that is definitely priceless after all.

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The Truth about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet

Weight Loss / May 25, 2015

Don’t you just hate it when you have tried all the possible diet plans introduced in the fitness world, but still do not see the results you want? Trying to get rid of unwanted weight is very difficult for some people. Even though there are other means of achieving it, subscribing to a certain diet plan seems to be the safest. Or is it?

A lot of people in a strict diet complain of getting weak and tired as they only consume meager servings of salad and a glass of juice. There are some who have been able to avoid this in the HCG Diet.

The Diet Plan

When Dr. Albert Simeons discovered the effects of HCG in women and overweight boys, he devised a diet plan to effectively use HCG as a future means for weight loss. He outlined two most important rules to follow for 40 days:

1. 500 Calorie Diet. Meals should be taken during lunch and dinner and the total calories for both meals should only be 500 calories. Coffee, tea, and water can be taken but only in minimal amounts. These beverages should be taken during breakfast.

Lunch and dinner, on the other hand, should contain lean meat such as chicken breast, beef and white fish accompanied with a single serving of vegetables. Other solid foods that can be taken in place of the meat are small piece of toast, one serving of any fruit, or a handful of berries. Keep in mind that each meal must only contain 250 calories to strictly follow the 500 calories per day plan.

truth about hcg2. Daily Dosage of HCG. A daily dose of HCG should only be 125 IU per injection. The only way to introduce HCG into the bloodstream is through injection. Originally, this is also the protocol emphasized by Dr. Simeons. Nowadays, people subscribing to the HCG Diet plan resort to homeopathic HCG drops for their daily maintenance instead of HCG injections.

Homeopathic HCG

Due to the rapid increase in number of people interested in the HCG Diet plan, there has been scarcity in the pure form of HCG. To address this demand, companies started producing the synthetic form of HCG called homeopathic HCG. Homeopathic HCG is taken orally as drops. A lot of dieters resort to HCG drops because it is inexpensive. At the same time, HCG drops can easily be bought online even without the prescription of a doctor.

The issue regarding the effectiveness of homeopathic HCG versus HCG injections is still being debated. It is said that the HCG content in the homeopathic version is already diluted and there is no precise way to ensure that what you purchased over the internet has traces of HCG in it. At the same time, HCG that is orally taken is futile because it is less likely to enter the system.

Issues about the HCG Diet

The US Food and Drug Administration prohibit the use of HCG drops and other over-the-counter use of HCG. HCG injections require prescriptions from physicians and should only be administered by qualified physicians. In fact, the FDA emphasized that they do not approve any HCG associated medications especially those that claim to be effective in weight control. They warned that using such medications could have side effects and are possibly dangerous.

FDA also questioned the risk of a 500 calorie diet. The normal calorie intake for a fully grown male and female is 1950-2600 calories. Going below the required caloric intake puts the person at risk for possible conditions such as gallstone formation, arrhythmias, and imbalance in electrolyte.

Now that you know the truth about HCG Diet, it is up to you to gauge if this kind of diet is worth trying.

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